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Has anyone sequenced Boyosco Snowflake


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I cant get it into LOR mode. Its prop I found was only in DMX and it's not allowing me to sequence or configure any channels. I have only LoR controllers 

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What Snowflake do you have the 35" or the 46"? Also what controller are you using for this prop? Specifically how many leds per string 50, 100?

These props are created using Customized Light Placement. As I understand it there is an issue with certain versions (later) of S5 that have issues with sequencing for Customized Light Placement built props.

I have converted a number of these props to make them for the lack of a better word "more user friendly for LOR controller users".

If you provide the info above I can do this for you and post the results here.


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I will let Alan take care of you, he has helped me with a spider from Boscoyo, he's done a great job.  I believe Matt has mentioned that there was a problem with S5 and the props from Boscoyo but it supposed to be rectified in the next release of S5.

Good luck!


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Here is what I came up with. I converted this prop to a prop that now includes Groups. Groups are a excellent tool for applying effects to portions of the prop or the prop as a whole.

The pictures below show how the pixels should be installed or at least with this version. The prop uses the same amount of pixels 174. It will use almost 4 strings of your 50 pixels strings.

Start your first pixel where the green circle is located, then continue on with the remaining pixels at the yellow circle. Strings 1,2,3 will use 48 pixels each, String 4 will use 30 pixels. The reason they are arranged this way is to be able to create Groups.

The pictures will show you how to place the pixels clearly.

I included at the end of this post a short gif to show you the prop in action using various groups with different motion effects applied.

Enjoy. Any questions, just ask. I really only get to my pc in the evenings.


Boscoyo LLS Snowflake prop   (Right Click - Save As)


Stats for the prop



You will have to change the Unit ID's and Network info to suit your display.







Props doing it's thing with groups.



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