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Lor network + E1.31


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I am running S4.  The Lor network works fine (has for over a decade).   Recently picked up a couple of Pixcon16 with CCRs.  This is my first experimentation with RGB.  I can run the Pixcons using ethernet and control the CCRs without any issues -- they do all I tell them to do, as long as only the ethernet is connected.  So I know they are set up correctly.   But when I reconnect the LOR dongle to run the original LOR network at the same time as the Pixcons, the LOR takes over network 1 and the Pixcons go dead silent.  I cannot control the Pixcons if the Lor network is present. If I unplug the LOR dongle, the Pixcons come back to life.

What am I doing wrong?  This has got to be a simple toggle of a network setting somewhere...but I can not seem to find it.

Thanks in advance...

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I don't use Pixcons, but in your net preferences you should have your old LOR network in the LOR tab and the ethernet E 1.31 universes should be set up in the dmx tab. At least that's how it's done with non lor controllers. 

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21 hours ago, k6ccc said:

Are you trying to control the PixCon16s via Ethernet using e1.31, or via a LOR network?


e1.31.   So I have 2 networks configured -- the old LOR plus the new e1.31.    The e1.31 works fine until I re-enable the LOR network.  Then the LOR works fine, but the e1.31 stops responding.



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That is not making sense.  My guess is that you have something configured wrong - most likely in Network Preferences.  Can you post screen captures of the LOR and DMX tabs of Network Preferences.  Here are some examples.  Note that these are from several different versions of LOR software, and the universes shown on the DMX tab are not the same as shown in the detail in the third screen capture.  I just happened to have these captures on my website.





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