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Max cat5e length from computer to 1st controller

Star Lord

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A properly terminated (120 Ohm) RS485 is 4000' long TOTAL. No first or last in this number.  Until recent models (now have a terminate jumper) of some controllers, YOU had to make your own  EOL (end of line) dangle.

Rules: No 'Y" type networks (There is a LOR slow speed adapter with 2 ports, but many of us need the HS model). Only terminate ONCE (at the end). Avoid long runs against power cords (noise coupling)

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Just now, PhilMassey said:

Do not mix up RS 485 (LOR) and Ethernet (LAN, WAN, WIFI).

RS 485 connects via a dongle to a USB port, and Ethernet to the Ethernet port on the PC. Mixing up the two will let the magic smoke escape.

Yep!  Ethernet has a 100Meter  limit AND IS NOT daisy chained 

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