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10W RGB Flood Lights


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Please I hope someone can help me. I had similar problem last year, but once again these flood lights and DMX is giving me trouble. I spent as much time as I could yesterday and last night, and now just four hours and got no where. 

My setup is a falcon F16v3 controller. That is hooked up to LOR CMB RGB.

can someone help verify my settings? I had all this working last Christmas and now nothing. 

I’m using universe 75. I set the DIP switch with 1,2,4,7 to ON.  I’ve reset once with 12 set to on only and then back to the 1,2,4,7

I'm not sure what the LOR Network Configuration DMX tab area should be set to for universe 75???

Im not certain if I need a crossover cable or can use a regular Ethernet type?

im open to ideas and suggestions. I’ve burnt way too much time and I am extremely frustrated. 

Greatly appreciate any assistance. 


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A DMX device on a RS-485 network knows NOTHING about universe.  The DIP switches on the CMB24 set the starting DMX channel number.  If the CMB24 is the only device on that network, most likely you would be using channels 1 - 24 for it.

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That sounds like what happened. When I ran a test sequence, the flood lights were flashing to my universe 1 prop which is channel 1-180.

Since then, I’m back to square one and can’t even run the test mode with the floods. Grrr. It’s so frustrating 

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Yes I am using 1-24. 

In LOR network Configuration I go to the universe I have my props assigned to in pixel editor and I point that universe to the IP of my falcon controller via E1.31. Then on my falcon I configure the port I’m using to hook up to the cmb24 to the universe # I set the props to and under network Configuration. The Falcon talks to Cmb24 on dmx.

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1 hour ago, Dennis Laff said:

In the pixel editor what is the starting address of your first flood  on DMX universe 75

Channel 1

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