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Bug with 5.3.8 S5 Sequencer / Superstar - Importing a .lpeprop


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Even though this might be a long video (19 mins) it was easier to show the bugs this way rather than try to explain them with words only.

The bugs center around importing .lpeprops. I came across while helping out some forum members creating some props, and making a video explaining how to import the props into S5.

I'm going to see if I can duplicate these bugs in 5.3.6



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Thanks for the video! 

1) Importing a prop and not having the Channel Conflict tab update is a bug. It will be fixed in the next release.

2) The issue with editing a group and then having to edit the SuperStar effect(s) on that group in order to get it to re-render is the expected behavior.

3) Having your effects altered when you change the size of a group is also expected behavior.

In general, motion effects scale well to various prop sizes and SuperStar effects do not (they work well for the prop/group size they were originally created on). That's why there are separate SuperStar sequences sold for 12x50 trees vs. 16x50 trees, for example. That wouldn't be necessary if those sequences were created using motion effects.


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