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Since updating from S4 to S5, I cannot seem to get the director to play on 2 networks, ac controller are on network 1, lor regular,500k, network , network 2 aux A, Elor 500k, I have tried to switch around settings, verified at minimum 20 times settings are correct in everything, ac controllers play on network 1, cannot get pixels to work on network 2, can run each network from lap top with existing cat 5 cable , when I set up sad card, I am using gen 3 or newer, 2 port, and I noticed that the screen is a little different when I tell each network what to run, then it has been in past, card says it is complete but only seems to play network 1, do I need to update firmware for player to work correctly with Hub?

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Not sure if this is the solution, before creating your SD card, make sure the networks in the Network Preferences (right click the light bulb) are set properly.

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