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S5 Conversion Problem


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I goofed. Our display has been dark for 2 years due to a military mobilization oveseas.  When I tried to knock the cobwebs off our old sequences, I had problems getting my older S4 software to work again.  I foolishly underestimated the challenge of the S5 conversion when I simply bought a new annual license update to fix the issue.  I found that the automated S4 to S5 conversion script doesn't produce consistent results from sequence to sequence, especially with "Archiving"  a few of my sequenced props.  I think that some old rookie learning problems that I could overlook in S4 are coming back to roost now.   I fixed most of the sequencer vs preview issues by bouncing back and forth between the two windows which seems to use a hidden programming key field that I can't see or edit, but after a bit of frustration and time, those issues are now fixed the hard way.   What stumps me now is trying to fix my garage doors which were "Archived" in Sequencer.

I still use some incandescents and blowmolds, but all of my RGB lights (about 40 universes) are all E1.31 smart strips (except for 12 RGB Floods)  In S4 I had a separate programming line for each smart strip pixel and they corresponded to a hand drawn light string in visualizer.  During the sequence conversion to S5, my smart pixels convert as dumb strips.  This works fine for me for now as I rush for this season because most still work with the S5 preview window.  Since I can't seem to edit "Archived" props, It appears that to fix the archived Garage Door strips, I think I must re-add the garage doors as a "New Prop" into the sequence and then probably cut and paste from the hundreds of S5 Archived lines.  I anticipate great benefits to adding this as a smart strip prop, so I tried that route.  I noticed that I could import it directly from the Preview software, so I edited my "Preview" prop to be a smart string and imported it into sequencer - Easy!    But when I try to access the new line, all I get is a single line which preventing me from copy/paste from my old sequence. I don't seem to be able to have the granular programming control in the new line that I had in S4.   It also doesn't seem in my best interest to re-add hundreds of "Dumb" lines in sequencer knowing that there are some new automated capabilities that I haven't experimented with yet.    Any ideas how I can get out of this jam?

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