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Having all kinds of fun here lately with motion effects... So Here I am using S5 and no longer using S4. I add my motion effect and it looks great. I realize it would look better if the last 2 seconds of the 10 second effect faded the effect out.

This is where I am struggling. I add a timing bar at the final 2 second mark. I surly cannot figure out how to fade that sucker out... I press 'D', it overrides the effect to solid white. If I switch Select mode from "Cell" to "Effect", it forces a selection of both cells and fades the entire thing. It isn't a consistent pattern, so if I add the effect separate to both cells, I'll get a jittery effect jump from the main effect to the fading part. I feel like I was able to easily accomplish this is Pixel Editor in S4.

How do I accomplish this??

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Figured it out. Maybe this will help someone in the future:

Went  to "Effect" tab and switched from "On" to "DMX". Set Intensity from 255 to 0. Switched from "Selection" to "Intensity" and there it was...

Perhaps there is a faster way? If not, at least this will do the trick!

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This seems like a poor workaround for a feature used very often, but perhaps we're using it differently than it was designed. @MattBrown is there a better way to modify an existing motion effect with a fade, as shown below?  As @DocBrown86 mentioned, you can't apply a simple fade to an existing motion effect like you could in both S4 and in previous version of S5. It makes it a new effect.



Edit: It appears that if you select "Motion" as the type above, you can work as normal.  The cursur will change to a pencil (as you're using motion effects) but that signifies you're making motion effects, not just "on" effects. 

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I"m pretty much a newbie, but I have been doing it 2 different ways - just depending on what feels convenient at the time.

1 - Select the area I want to face, right click and select Existing Effect (Foreground) - Fade Down across Selection

2 - As mentioned above, choose "Motion" under Type and then use Drag Fade.  When I finish dragging, the Motion Effects box pops us with my current effect and I just hit OK.

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See this picture.


Toggle effect dragging.

It will put drag handles on your effects. There are two different handles, one is a straight drag, and the other which looks like an angle will do a fade.

Moving your cursor around the handle will cause the drag type icon  to change.

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