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Hello everyone, I know it sounds silly and banal, but starting the installation these days, here in Italy there is a summer sun, some of you can tell me if the 12 mm LED pixels. and the silicone of the 5 mt strips do they yellow with exposure to the sun for about 2/3 months? In the above case, if you covered them with something? Green shading net type for the gardens? Does anyone have another better idea?

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Hello from North America, Washington State. It has been my experience that strips with the hard, solid silicon will yellow after sun exposure for more than a few months as I have them semi-permanently fixed to my window frames and doors. We are now on our third season with these and will be replacing them this next year. The leds are still quite bright but the yellow is becoming apparent against the off white of our frames. The Pixel strips in the flexible silicon tubing, seem to stay more clear after a 4 month sun exposure before they are put away for the season. I'm sure that using the green shading netting would reduce the ultraviolet rays during the daytime but at what extent, I don't know. Maybe someone else can add their experience/knowledge. Hope this is helpful.


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