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This is a feature request (Unless this can already be done a different way and I'm missing something)

On pixel based props it would be nice if you could access the channel level but have it automatically in both vertical and horizontal groups instead of being given a billion channels and you have to move then group them yourself.    Example a 32 "branch" mega tree it would pre group each "branch" so you would end up with 32 groups. in case you wanted to convert over old effects from a non pixel tree to a new one. Or even have an effect where you just want to hit individual branches like on beats or instrumental notes in a song. instead of having to do it through the effects editor and have to move the line back and forth each time. To create the groups I know it can be done manually by moving things around but it's a long task to do. 

Another example would be for a matrix based prop Like a pixel tunnel where it would automatically give you both a horizontal and vertical set of channel groups once again if you needed an effect where only one line would turn on at a point in time. And since it's already setup that when a group is closed and you put an effect in it on the grid it automatically copies it to the other members within that group. 

could this be an added feature in the future or is there a way to get around this easier? 

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I agree that grouping the channels would be a nice feature.

1) As a work-around, after you enable channels on a pixel prop you can sort the channels by row or column. Just right click on any of the channel names and open the sort sub-menu.

2) Alternatively, in the Add/Modify Motion Rows screen, you can use the subdivide button to create motion rows for rows and/or columns (subject to the 32 motion limit). http://www1.lightorama.com/help/motion_effect_rows_dialog.htm


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