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Adding a light animation after a song


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I am using version 4.2.6 of the software and was trying to do a show that would play 4 songs, bring up the lights for a X minutes and every so often do a simple animation on a light section, then play 4 other songs, bring up another light animation for X minutes, then repeat so that the first 4 songs would start again at the top of the hour. So I took the time of each song and added them together (plus the 3 second pause between songs). Then I went into the sequence editor and created a new animation sequence based on the difference in time of the songs from 30 minutes. When I went to put that "lights on" animation into the Show Editor it would not select it since it wasn't a "music" file. So I then tried to create a short .mp3 file, then extended the musical file to the timing of the animation file and copied and pasted the animation in so it would let me select it after my first set of 4 songs. When I ran the show to test it out, it got to my 5th song (the animation conversion) and played only the 8 seconds that the audio is instead of the 15 minute full file and jumped to my next song. Do I really have to create two 15+ minute muted audio files to do what I am proposing?

For reference, here is what I'm trying to create in the Show Editor:

Song 1 - 3:20.46
Song 2 - 2:43.66
Song 3 - 4:45.33
Song 4 - 3:19.71
Lights on animation to bottom of hour - 15:35.84
Song 5 - 2:33.68
Song 6 - 3:24.51
Song 7 - 3:39.45
Song 8 - 2:08.63 
Lights on animation to top of hour - 17:58.73

In theory (within a second or four) this should start the first 4 songs at the top of the hour, and the last 4 songs at the 30 minute mark until the show shuts down.

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I need to fix some of the formatting, but this should get you the info you need.


Remember, Animation can go in Musical Tab. Create 15 or 20 minute animation files, put them in the Musical Tab. The rest of the article should make sense to you.

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Thanks Don, I missed the part where you select the Add a Sequence and it allows you to switch from Musical Sequences to All Sequences or Animation Sequences next to the file name box. So now that I took my dunce cap off, it looks like my original idea will work.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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