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Pixel Editor and Pixcon Issues


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     I have a pixcon16 directly connected to the computer via Ethernet Cable. Everything is running fine, especially when I create a sequence in the Sequence Editor by creating RGB Channels. This year I want to use the Pixel Editor to create an RGB Sequence. I have watched tutorials and tried different troubleshooting techniques but still can’t seem to solve the problem.

    ( Please not that the Pixcon16 has CCB’s connected to ports 1 & 2 to view my progress in real time). I have created props and noticed that when the Effect Generator is open, it’s would seem as though all of my props are connected to the same port when the lights are on in real time (Port 1) even though I have my props assigned to different outputs. 

      So even still I create an effect, and assign it to my port 1 prop. When I play it with lights on, a single “RED” Bulb from the CCB connected to port 1 turns on and that’s it. So from that point I save it as an Intesity File and open it on the sequence editor where it continues to yield the same results. I know I’m doing something wrong and I would appreciate any help to get my lights working with the Pixel Editor. I am definitely new when it comes to LightORama and the Pixel Editor.




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I can't help you with S4 Pixel Editor as I never could get it to work.  However, please get out of a habit of calling each output from a Pixcon 16 (or any other pixel controller) as a "channel".  You can call it a port or output, but each output will have many channels.  Referring to the output as a "channel" will cause confusion - i.e., are you talking about a single channel (the Red of the first pixel for example) vs an output that may have over 1,000 channels.


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