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using multiple props for larger shapes and group fades


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wanting to expand my show visuals, I am wondering how I go about group fading smart LED's (as you look at the show) on props from left to right/right to left/up to down/down to up/center to left and right/ etc.. (as in, the entire show is fading in a chosen direction). 

Also, I would like to show designs using multiple props (i.e. a shape using multiple props at once). I am using the latest software version, with SuperStar.

thank you for your help!

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To make sure I am understanding what you are after, look at the 2 songs in this thread, Witch Doctor, and It's a Wonderful World. Both use what I think you are describing. All of the effects, are applied to a specific group that inculdes all my rgb props to act as 1 prop. I like to sequence this way as it is faster and provides nice visual effects as the effects travel across the entire setup.

This is how I have my props setup in what I call the prop "All RGB Props" This is all my rgb (smart rgb props)



I don't have a lot of time to go into details right now, if interested I can post more about the topic later tonight. There are some considerations as to prop placement, spacing, etc. I have come to realize.


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yup, that is exactly what im looking for. So, first I need to group those RGB props into one group. Since I have never tried it, I assume (once I click on that group line in Sequencer), that any design created using SuperStar (or Motion Effect, or what-have-you) will be translated across that entire group? Thank you for the videos and screenshots!

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