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Reverse order of pixels


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I am trying to change a  .lee I have to make things easier for me (at least ease my mind) with my sequencing. It is a simple visualization, 4 - 100 pixel circles. As I was setting up the universes today, I noticed that the pixels are numbered, counterclockwise, 1 - 100.  This is strange, as I laid out the visualization, I went clockwise.  I want them clockwise, 1- 100.

Is there an easy way to do this?  I see if I hit the "Superstar" button on the Fixture properties pop up, I have the opportunity to Reverse the order in Superstar. If I opt for this method, this change only affects this one prop, correct? Don't want any last minute surprises with only 57 days till Halloween show start and 90 till Christmas show start

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Hi Bob

Got it, or at least a workaround using your tool, Thanks!


Also, a question....Last year I had 4 new RGB arches, 50 pixels each. This year , I'm adding 4 circles, 100 pixels each. I have a lot of sequences completed for the arches, would be really slick if that sequence could be "mapped" somehow from 50 pixel 1/2 circles (arches) to full circles, saving a ton of work. Feasible?






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Found solution
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Yes you can.      Use AutoFlip with the r option  which means 'regular multiply'   using 2 in the box.    This will duplicate each pixel making it two channels.   You can then paste that into the new 100 pixel circles. 




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