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Motion Effect Rows Disappear 5.3.6


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I am adding 12 new props and I am giving information on more than one prop. I intended to upload more images but ran out of upload allocation. All the new props were set up and worked as expected before closing. After saving and re-opening the S5 editor, my issues started. I have to close the editor because new props don't show up in the visualizer after first being added. 

I created custom motion effect rows in my preview. I go back to my sequence and use them. They test successfully and a little box appears after the prop name in the view window representing that motion effect is a custom "subsection" I save an close the sequence and close S5.

After re-opening S5 sequencer and re-opening the sequence, the view window no longer has the little box next to the motion effect and the top and bottom of my motion effect are the same effect instead of two effects (top and bottom of stocking). I open my preview and the motion effects are present just as I created. If I right click the view and click "add or modify motion effects" from the view panel it is out of sync with my preview. It shows none for the "subsection".  Also, I grep'd the preview file. The entries are there and look as I think they should. I then Grep'd the loredit file and it also has the custom "subsection" information even though it shows none from the view panel. 

I backed up to 5.3.2 and it didn't recover but after re-doing the custom subsection from the view window instead of the preview, it remembered the one I fixed. 


Here is the preview motion effect for the prop.


Here is the view window of that prop, when you right click and select add/modify motion effect it shows None for the subsection.  I can't upload another image. :(

Here is the info from the loredit file

    <PropClass id="f4334169-75c7-4d7f-955e-c1d691b0676e" BulbShape="Hexagon" ChannelGrid="Regular,121,1,150,0," Comment="" CustomBulbColor="FFFFFF80" DeviceType="DMX" DimmingCurveName="None" IndividualChannels="False" MaxChannels="512" Opacity="255" PreviewBulbSize="2" RgbOrder="RGB order" MasterPropId="" SeparateIds="True" StartLocation="n/a" StringType="RGB" TraditionalColors="" TraditionalType="Multicolor_string_1_ch" EffectBulbSize="1" Name="DMX9_U121 Present 1">
      <shape ShapeName="Custom" OffsetX="-0.8658229" OffsetY="-0.2082717" ScaleX="0.06178397" ScaleY="0.1474735" Radians="0" CustomWidth="40" CustomHeight="35" CustomGrid="deleted for space" BackgroundImage="C:\Users\geno\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Boscoyo ChromaPresent Single cropped.jpg" BackgroundTransparency="0.6" />
        <MotionRowDefault id="075d84a1-0978-4651-85d2-cca7b51fdbbd" name="all" />
        <MotionRowDefault id="158a16c7-0745-48c7-925b-090e1d830d09" name="Bow" subc="0.175,0.3428572;0.1,0.2857143;0.15,0.2;0.225,0.2;0.275,0.3428572;0.3,0.2857143;0.375,0.3428572;0.475,0.2857143;0.425,0.2;0.4,0.1428571;0.425,0.05714286;0.525,0.05714286;0.55,0.1428571;0.525,0.2;0.475,0.4;0.475,0.4857143;0.475,0.5714286;0.475,0.6571429;0.475,0.7428572;0.475,0.8285714;0.575,0.3428572;0.65,0.2857143;0.675,0.3428572;0.775,0.3428572;0.85,0.2857143;0.825,0.2;0.725,0.2;0.475,0.9142857" />
        <MotionRowDefault id="59a208f2-0109-4811-a845-64556c7a210b" name="Box" subc="0.35,0.4;0.2,0.4;0.075,0.4;0.075,0.4857143;0.075,0.5714286;0.075,0.6571429;0.075,0.7428572;0.075,0.8285714;0.075,0.9142857;0.225,0.9142857;0.35,0.9142857;0.625,0.9142857;0.75,0.9142857;0.875,0.9142857;0.875,0.8285714;0.875,0.7428572;0.875,0.6571429;0.875,0.5714286;0.875,0.4857143;0.875,0.4;0.75,0.4;0.6,0.4" />




but later in the file:

    <SeqProp id="f4334169-75c7-4d7f-955e-c1d691b0676e" name="DMX9_U121 Present 1" EnablePixelChannels="0">
      <track id="6a35775b-6dc1-476e-9ae9-f9e7558c940a" name="all">
        <effect startCentisecond="1713" endCentisecond="1806" intensity="100" settings="Mix_Average|0|0|full|20|lightorama_colorwash:FFFFFF00,1:full,full|lightorama_none::|0" />

bunch of effects removed for space...

      <track id="200eb259-4f24-4617-8461-bc15baae400b" name="Bow" subc="0.175,0.3428572;0.275,0.3428572;0.3,0.2857143;0.225,0.2;0.15,0.2;0.1,0.2857143;0.375,0.3428572;0.475,0.2857143;0.525,0.2;0.55,0.1428571;0.425,0.05714286;0.525,0.05714286;0.425,0.2;0.4,0.1428571;0.575,0.3428572;0.675,0.3428572;0.775,0.3428572;0.85,0.2857143;0.825,0.2;0.725,0.2;0.65,0.2857143;0.475,0.4;0.475,0.4857143;0.475,0.5714286;0.475,0.6571429;0.475,0.7428572;0.475,0.8285714;0.475,0.9142857">
        <effect startCentisecond="618" endCentisecond="1065" intensity="100" settings="Mix_Average|0|0|full|20|lightorama_colorwash:FFFF0000,1;FF00FF00,1;FF0000FF,0;FFFFFF00,0;FFFFFFFF,0;FF000000,0:full,full|lightorama_none::|0" />
      <track id="8a0e04f0-139c-475d-8930-3bdcd608c9a6" name="Box">
        <effect startCentisecond="618" endCentisecond="1065" intensity="100" settings="Mix_Average|0|0|full|20|lightorama_colorwash:FFFF0000,0;FF00FF00,0;FF0000FF,1;FFFFFF00,0;FFFFFFFF,0;FF000000,0:full,full|lightorama_none::|0" />

Subc is set for BOW  in this prop because after I installed 5.3.2, I used the view window to right click and edit the motion effect rows. I tried re-saving the motion effect row from the preview editor but it had no effect. only editing from the view right click option has an impact. notice above that the prop class shows both BOW and BOX to have a subc set which is what I expect but the trackid part does not have BOX subc set as expected. 



Does anyone have any ideas how to work around this? Does someone have a version recommendation where Effect rows functions?





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I did some more digging and found it is limited to 5.3.6. 5.3.4 seams to work OK. 

To reproduce: Edit the preview to add an rgb pixel prop. create an effects row using custom subc. assuming a stocking, top white part and bottom red part. I also created a row called "all". Save the prop. Save the preview. 

go back to the sequence and add the new prop to your view. you should see the 3 motion effect rows and the partial pixel rows will have a little square box like character to their right. save the seq and exit S5.

Re-open S5 and load th seq. edit the preview and edit the prop. I didn't have to change anything, just hit save on the prop and save on the preview. Now save and close the seq. when you re-open the seq, your effect row subc will have disappeared.  The view will still show 3 effect rows but they will all be the entire prop.

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