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Creating a new prop Issue with Carry over pixels.

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Hello everyone. I have already installed the update and I don't know if this issue is related because I have never created a custom prop in S5 before. So what I got is I am creating 5 tombstones using 2 dual 100 pixel CCP first generation controllers. The 5 tombstones have a total of 150 pixels. I use 2 controllers but the second controller only uses one string (one Unit ID) the other controller uses both string under 2 unit IDs. So what I have is 3 unit IDs with 50 pixels each. the problem I am having is when I make the custom prop it will not allow me to assign additional controllers in the controller window. In the select bar I choose the LOR setting and put Max circuit to 150. and the unit shows up as unit 1 with 300 carry over. I might of missed something here but How do I add 2 more controllers to assign to the carry over circuits?   I also set the max circuit to 450 and had the same problem. Here is a photo of the definition lay out. 

Tomb stone prop fail.png

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