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Converting to RGB, what to buy???

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Just to add on to what some have stated.

LOR networks use RS485 via a black or red USB485 adapter. E1.31 uses the ethernet port on your computer which is what your tree is connected. Never confuse the two as they are NOT interchangeable.

With 12v lights the general rule is 100 pixels per port before needing to power inject, with 5v lights it's 50 pixels. Just because you can connect 100 pixels per port doesn't mean you can use them all. Always keep in mind amps and what the max is per port and per controller. Everything has its limits.

Ribbons are a little different, most ports can only handle the 50 pixels (one ribbon) as most ribbons are 36w and 3 amps so power injection is needed after the first ribbon. Most if not all LOR controllers are maxed at 4 amps per port. Always check the specs of the lights and ribbons before connecting.

LORs RS485 networks are slower and are limited on the number of pixels that can be on one network. However, the network can be very long, 4,000 feet.

E1.31 is super fast and can handle many more pixels. However, the network is rather short, 300 feet.

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16 hours ago, RGBNewbie said:

Sorry, don't know what a PSU is.

It looks like on the controller it has an ethernet hub to plug the lights in? But the lights look like they have some kind of 3 prong plug???

Power Supply Unit

For LOR and most low voltage lighting: Makes 12VDC (or 5V) from 120 VAC

NOT ETHERNET Those 8pin connections are LOR/RS485 (serial) It just USES the same , common, easy to get, cables

Only Pixcon uses Ethernet (E1.31). If it does not say Ethernet... Don't attach it to any Ethernet device

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10 hours ago, RGBNewbie said:

I've been using LOR for years with just regular lights. I have one RBG Christmas tree that just gives me lots of problems. BUT, I would like to convert the lights that outline my whole house to RGB. Right now I have 5 strands of red, green, blue, white and multi lights twisted together that I outline my whole house with. It not only takes up a lot of channels, it's cumbersome. I know I can replace that with RGB, I just don't know what to buy and need recommendations. 

I'm also concerned as I know they come in fairly short lengths that somehow have to be hooked together. I'm wondering how I turn corners or go around a small window (or larger window that the RGB string) etc. 

Would appreciate some advice or if you know of videos that explain such things. 

I see you're located in Los Angeles.There is a SoCal lighting group you may want to look into.  Tons of people close to you that can help out.  There is a mini on September 7th in Corona.  Check it out if you haven't already.   www.facebook.com/groups/socalchristmas/

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