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CCB CB100 Setup Questions

Kyle Whitaker

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I can't seem to find the answers to my questions when searching the forum and the documentation doesn't appear to be updated to apply to S5.  I ordered 2 CB100's with 2 sets of 50 CCBs on each when they were recently on clearance.  I have never setup or used this device before and I am struggling to get them setup to use in the sequence editor and preview.  I am attempting to setup a prop for each controller where each 50 CCB string is an arch and then add a motion effects row.  Does anyone have a prop already defined that I could import or can you provide insight on how to set it up in the Preview?

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Gonna make a suggestion you may not like at first.

Pixels do not make great arches.  They would - if LOR had decent macros for leaping arches.  Unfortunately they do not.

Adding the prop is incredibly simple.  You can either use predefined shapes (they have an arch), or use a Firestick (what we might call a pole) and turn it on its side.  It's easy to visualize an arch as a line rather than an arc.

Now, the predefined macros you get in Pixel editor are not bad for arches - they just allow us to do things we don't typically associate with arches.  Some of the things you can easily do is use the BAR macro to make colors flow in one direction.  It makes it look like continuous leaps of color.  Or have those colors flow from the center of the arch, or toward the center.

The downside of this is that you can't really make the arch "leap" from one side to the other, matching a desired tempo.  So it's very difficult to make the leaps hit the sides at drum beats.

You can kinda sorta approximate it with using a close or open curtain that does not repeat.  Then you can stretch the effect to your drum beat.  The result is just OK.


But there is another thing you can do, that I really recommend at least for this year.  This is what you may not like.  Just create a prop for your arch as 7 segments.  I mean, 7 bulbs per segment, with the middle segment having 8.  This means you are using your very expensive pixel controller as a replacement for your 7 segments of wrapped incandescent bulbs.  But it also means you can drop in your existing Arch programming directly on top of your new pixels.  When I say this, I mean you create the prop in Pixel Editor but you tell it you will use Sequence Editor for the light control.  In Sequence Editor, those are just channels.  If you did this you would have White Pixel arches.  They leap perfectly.  Little work on your end, but they are white.  So next season, you could change those to RGB in Sequence Editor and add color to them, still leaping perfectly.  Then when you have time in another season, replace the props with full on pixels in Pixel editor and program them from there.  That's when you would need to solve the problem of making them look like they are leaping in time with the music.

That's the way I added pixels slowly into my display.  

My arches are now fully pixelized and I don't think they look that great.  This video has a lot of leaping, and you can see it doesn't land all the way at the end.  But this is the reality of Pixel arches.



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