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FM transmitter group buy on EDM LCD ends 10/31/08


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[align=center]** THIS SALE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH LIGHT-O-RAMA **[/align][align=center]BATCH # 8 - GOING ON NOW! (0 of 10 confirmed orders) ...
The details are the same as before.

How to purchase:

  • I will PM you back the transmitter sale link where you can browse and purchase the transmitter directly from the mfgr using paypal. You are not obligated to buy.
  • Wait till 10 orders are placed ... then your transmitter will ship within 2 business days and typically takes 10-15 days to ship to your home.

Additional Information:

  • The EDM LCD is very comparable to Ramsey transmitters but at a much lower price point.
  • The LCD transmitter includes adjustable power control and should only be operated in a manner compliant with FCC Part15 regulations. This means making a wise choice of frequency, antenna and operating with the minimum amount of power required for your display. Typically, the included whip-antenna works just fine and provides plenty of transmission range.

  • The transmitters include a 2 year mfg. warranty std. compared to 1 year for Ramsey units.
  • EDM support is excellent and they also have a yahoo group for owners.

  • Over 90 members have already purchased an EDM transmitter via. this members only sale in 2008. Feel free to ask them what they think and how the unit works.
  • The EDM LCD is a kit (as required by the FCC), but requires only very basic soldering skills, so it is appropriate for almost anyone who can solder a power lead. The kit typically only takes 15 minutes (or less) to assemble.

  • If you are looking for a "kit experience", then the Ramsey may be a better choice for you. Many people are afraid of the Ramsey kits or simply cannot afford them ... the EDM LCD is a great "no regrets" alternative.
  • One member who owns a couple modded belkins, a (1 watt) Vaseltec and an EDM ... is using the EDM LCD in his 2008 show.

  • There are members who have owned (and/or still own) either the Ramsey FM25B, FM30B or FM100B ... who now are happy owners of the EDM LCD ... and use it as their primary transmitter.
  • The EDM LCD kit comes with everything needed: 12V regulated power supply, transmitter, metal power coated case (not plastic like FM25B), test antenna (which works fine for 95% of all members on even 10mW).

  • The EDM LCD takes a simple RCA mounted antenna connector, and accepts (2) RCA line level audio inputs. The antenna connection can easily be converted from RCA to other type using inexpensive adaptors, if needed.
  • Shipping and handling is $12 per order

  • Each member can can order up to (2) transmitters.
  • Optional shipping insurance is available

  • Please don't wait too long to purchase your transmitter if your planning a show for 2008.
  • Keep in mind that a backup transmitter is often a good idea -- as the loss of your transmitter can basically be a show stopper.


  • Once 10 orders are placed, all transmitters will ship out together, usually within 2 business days.
  • Each group of 10+ orders is called a batch. So if you miss the current batch, you can always place an order and will be part of the next batch.

  • Typically, the first 5 orders goes a little slower than the last 5 orders. I would advise you to place your orders ASAP, so that everyone gets their transmitted in the shortest # of days possible.
  • Typically, each batch completes in 1-3 weeks, but depends on member demand.

  • On the day 10 orders are received, the batch is done. This is a change from prior batches, so batches #8, #9 will be for 10 orders (each) only.
  • Instructions are emailed to you (via. emailed pdf file) after your purchase. Please be aware some folks have spam filtering problems with emails from S. Africa. If you don't get the manual, it can be found near the bottom of page#2 of this thread.

  • This is a "members only" sale, so I will not send you the sale link unless you are a valid member of LOR, PC, SCL or DIYC. New members joining just to participate in the sale will not be permitted.

BATCH # 8 - GOING ON NOW! (0 of 10 confirmed orders) ...
[align=center]PM me to request for the sale link
[/align][align=center]http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/pm.php?send_to=taybrynn [/align]

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Myself and a few other Dallas TCL members did a “small” test today - Ramsey FM30B v. EDM LCD I did a write up and recorded the audio results; If you are on the line this will move you. I put it on my site for the world to access, give it a read and if you have any questions feel free to give me a ping. WITH AUDIO SAMPLES!!!



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Hi Harrison, It appears that your FM30 is sufferring from a bad case of 60 cycle hum. This is not a true representation of what all FM30's sound like. I had one in the past and mine was crystal clear. If you used the same power supply for both transmitters, then I would suspect that you have a cold solder joint somewhere in the FM30 that is not supplying an adequate ground. This would also explain some of your other test results. If you were using 2 separate power supplies, then it is also possible that your power supply is going bad as well.

Does anyone have access to a spectrum analyzer? I'd like to see a graph of the emissions of the EDM transmitter. I've checked out the Ebay transmitter and it is horrible compared to my FM100B. I'd just be interested in seeing how well filtered the EDMs are. My spec analyzer software only exports to Excel and WMF files so I can't attach them here but if anyone wants to see all of the garbage that the EBay transmitter spits out, I'll send you the chart.


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I would tend to agree with the technical comment made in the last post.

IMHO, the EDM LCD really does sound better, but probably not to the extent that your testing revealed. Sounding like a real radio station is the most common feedback I get.

But that said, there are a number of Ramsey owners who have had the same problems (unit has poor sound) ... and some of those guys were VERY experienced, so it wasn't a case of poor soldering or assembly. The fact is, the SNR on the EDM is amazingly low for a sub $1000 transmitter ... how they did it, I don't know.

Go to the edmesign web site ... its a strange web site, but the specs are there ... then try to find the same kind of techinical information on a competitor site.

I'm assuming that the HLLY and Vaseltec are both similar (or the same) ebay transmitter designs. Grossly overpowered units, IMHO. There have been folks (happy with the Vaseltec) that bought the EDM LCD and found it preferrable.


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[align=center]BATCH # 8 - GOING ON NOW! (8 of 10 confirmed orders) ...:]
PM me to request for the sale link :cool:

Note: Trying to member verify Tim_Dill ... please PM me

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[align=center]BATCH # 8 - (10 of 10 confirmed orders) ...:]
** This batch has completed. **
No more orders can be placed at this time.
Batch#9 may be pending ... and will likely be the last for 2008.

Participants in Batch#8 - thanks!
[/align][align=center]John Lasher
Randy G
Donald Puryear
ken collins
Lou Knudson
Tim Dill


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Yeah that was pretty amazing!

Just a heads up -- Batch#9 is 'on hold' for a few days ... till commitments from an enclosure supplier are firmed up. I guess the labor dispute was resolved, but they are just being cautious to be on the safe side.

Batch#9 will be the last EDM sponsored group buy for 2008.


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Hoping to have batch#9 going by Monday next week.

Update on batch#7 folks:

Our shipper indicated that the first units should start arriving at members homes this week. The rest should arrive by Wed next week. They again had a incoming lot shipment pulled for inspection. Cartons had green tape showing “Examined – US Dept of Homeland Security”

So my apologies to anyone who may get a box that my already be opened, or show signs of being opened. They don't always re-seal the boxes very well. That has happened a lot actually, and I guess we should be happy that our government is actually inspecting that much, but nobody likes getting a package that has been tampered with.


p.s. PM me to get on the batch#9 waiting list ...
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Please keep in mind that this is a members only sale and with only one batch left, that means only 10 transmitters will be available in batch#9.

I am getting a lot of PM's from folks with under 10 posts.

Part of the terms for being a verified member is having 10 posts (or more), and not junk posts either.

So if I have passed you over, it is only because those are the terms EDM specified for membership validation ... and I am adhering to them.

I am sorry if this is unfair to people joining in the last week or two, but we want true light-o-rama or PC members to get the transmitters, not people arriving from search engines or bargain sites.


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tmadak wrote:

I just received my transmitter today usps. Installing it tonight. Stay tuned, will let you know how I made out. I was the first in batch 7, I think.


Where are you located at?

Im in california, I was supprised mine did not arrive today.
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I put together my transmitter and I have to admit, it was extremely easy to do. It only took a couple of minutes to do.

I have a Ramsey FM30B transmitter as well so I was able to put them side by side and give them a little test run. Both units seemed to have very good quality output, but the one advantage the FM30B has is the level indicators to tell if you are overdriving the inputs. The EDM didn't seem to have any monitors. It is not easy to set the input levels at just the right level so as to get the max volume without overdriving. However, this is not meant to be critical of the EDM's performance. It did perform very well and I liked it. Unlike the other test on the Ramsey that was on this thread, I do not have any hum comming from either the Ramsey or EDM units. The sound (as long as you don't overdrive the inputs) was clear and clean.

Anyway, thanks Scott for putting together this buy for all of us. The EDM is a very good unit worth every bit ($) you pay for it.


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