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5.3.4 tools and word minimize timeline


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I hope that I can describe this accurately.. 

I just upgraded to 5.3.4 on 2 machines. Now when I open the sequencer i have all the tools there with words next to them describing their function. They are spread across the top and on  the right side of my timing grid. So my timing grid is very small almost to the point of being unusable. I have tried resizing windows within the sequencer, and turning off tooltips. I  can't get the words to go away and just have the icons as before.

Can someone tell me how to get it back to the way it was in version 5.2

I looked in the updated help text also and the pic shown does not describe what I am seeing or how to change it.




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Right click on the toolbar to choose size, and right click on the effects bar to choose location and position.

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