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I recently received a sequence that I have been trying to edit the channels and such. It contains multiple tracks of which I am not familiar with. I can not delete, change, move or rearrange anything. Is there a lock or something that is preventing me from doing this? I am attaching a pic of what I see in the editor.


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Your best bet is to create a blank sequence to YOUR configuration and then copy and paste the bits you want from the donor sequence to your own. Use paste by time to compensate for any difference in timing grids. You can select an entire row and right click on copy  and paste the entire row or rows. Timings can be copied in the same way using right click copy timing. ( do the timings first)

Also a basic plus licence only allows for two tracks to be used, so that may be part of the issue. 

The other possibility is that it is a protected sequence.

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