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I am wanting to get into the Light-O-Rama but I really like the idea of just using RBGs or pixels. I would like some real tips to help me buy what I need. I have tried Mr Christmas but it didn't work for me. Please and thank you in advance

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Things you need to consider before you buy:

How much money are you willing to spend? If you spend $500 on a starter package expect to pay at least $500 more for lights, extension cords and all the other odds and ends you will need.

How much time are you willing to invest? You can't pull this out a month before the Holidays this is a year round hobby.

Do you want RGB or pixels? Each uses different controllers and have different programming requirements.Pixels are more difficult due to the larger channel counts. Example: one 100 count of RGB around a window will use three channels of programming. One 100 count of pixels around the same window will use 300 channels of programming.

Do you want to run the show from a computer or director? A director is for convenience but the computer provides power and flexibility.

Are you going to purchase your sequences or make them? Purchased sequences will not fit your setup exactly and may have to be modified. Creating your own is time consuming but but fits your setup perfectly.

Just a few things to make you go hmmm.  😁



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How much DIY (props, cords and all the stuff other than the controller board) building are you willing to do?  (not saying you can't go for a bare board kit if you want)

Everything "off the shelf' adds up fast. Cut to length needed cords are also neater.

How good are you at planned shopping 😛? Taking advantage of off-season SALES is a great way to stretch $$$

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My simple suggestion is to take a picture of your house and print it out. Then draw lights on it and decide how you wish them to look and be controlled. That will dictate your hardware requirements. Its sound advice that this is a year-round hobby and that you can't just set it up at the last minute. Its a lot of work and careful planning. BUT, the result is when you see it run for the first time outside, you have become an "Artist in Lights"! Yes, possibly the summer sale next week so that's the time to purchase anything LOR. There's a serious learning curve on the software but its easier than you might think when you run it the first time. As you figure it out, it'll become easier. 

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