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I need help and the help desk won't let me open a ticket. Does Light O Rama have an email address where I can send some questions before making a purchase?

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My friend and I are both looking into purchasing RGB mega trees. We're looking for 16 to 22 feet. We have a million questions because we are both novices. I'll attach a picture of my show. All of my decorations plug in directly to my controllers... I think that's called dumb... and they go on, off, fade, blink, etc. This will be my first attempt at taking it to the next level. My friend and I both have LOR1602wg3 controllers. I do sequences on my computer, use Simple Show Builder to put the sequences on an SD card, and insert the SD card into my LOR1602wg3. Will I be able to control my show the same way if I get an RGB mega tree? 
Or will I have to have it run from my laptop in my garage? 
Can my other decorations AND my mega tree go on the same sequence? 
Can I please get an itemized list of what is included in the mega tree kits you sell? 
We’d like to see what we’re purchasing. Is there a picture of everything that is included in the kit? This will be extremely helpful to us. We want to know step by step what we’ll need to do to get this tree added to our shows before we spend thousands of dollars on something that is over our head. I’d like to know how to keep the tree vertical. 
What do we need to do to secure it in the ground? 
What do the RGB ribbons plug into? I’m used to just plugging something in like you plug a vacuum into the wall to clean your house.
Thank you for your time!
Tony Biviano
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Use a different email address. Hotmail might be blocked by their system due to previous spam tickets.

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And ... it's just me, but I'd really reconsider putting your phone number and email address in a public forum. Again, just me.

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You have also posted these questions in another thread, keep it to one thread so it doesn't get confusing. If you want some one on one help then pm me.


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