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6 new and 1 virtually new 30 LED Smart Pixel Strips


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6 new pixel strips from Holiday Coro. I believe they are from different years. I can send photo for serious interest (I couldn't add to posting). 2 have 10 foot leads with waterproof connections attached, i think they are a year or two old. 1 has a different sticker on it and the other three have a different sticker. The other 5 do not have waterproof connections. They have those standard connections. They are all 30 LED's per meter and are 5 meters long, 12 volt, 2811. They are smart and white PCB with the waterproof covering on all. Still in original static packaging and never unrolled. There is a 7th I am throwing in because I have changed the the connector. Looks like I was going to put a connector on it but didn't, but it is not used. HC sells them pre-sale around 12 to $15 So since they are a little older, $70 shipped via PayPal or best offer. Regular price from HC is $21.99 each. I am posting here first, then I will post Ebay in a couple days if no takers. Thanks!

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