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Ideas for top of CCR II tree

Al Saunders

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Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some mounting/construction ideas for the top of my planned CCR tree. Please see the attached photo. My plan is to have the top of the CCR 16 string tree go to the underside of the peak of this part of my house. My thought is the underside of the peak would take the place of the bottom of a star as are in many CCR tree setups. I am thinking of 8 strings on both "sides" from the very top going down to a base, probably a black 2X4 down near the gutters. I am planning on zip tying them to 1/2 gray PVC and flatten them at the top and bottom for mounting purposes.

So the questions is, should I find someone to make a steel/metal triangle type of piece or make a wooden one myself. Then anybody know the approximate angle that underside is? Finally, any ideas how to mount to the underside/soffit and to the topper piece? I'm thinking some type of metal eyelets or hooks but I'm open to ideas.

Hope to see some of you in Daytona at the Christmas Expo!



Peak of house 1.JPG

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