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Pixels for Backyard/Pool/Tiki bar lighting?


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Has anyone set up a LOR pixel setup in the back yard?   Back of house, out buildings, etc?    
I'd love to do the pixel implementation, but our house is at the end of a narrow dead-end, and putting a display up in front... well I think it would turn into a traffic nightmare very quickly as cars try to do tight k-turns to get back out.

I do have a lot going out out back.. and thought it would be cool to have a smaller pixel light setup on the back of the house.   Has anyone done this?

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I've done them all over the exterior and interior of our manufactured home, as well as for lighting the walkway of my 66' long wrap-around handicap ramp. 

I am also planning on using LOR RGB Pixel Bullet Nodes along the perimeter of one of those large plastic pond liners to illuminate the interior of the pond in varying colors at night underwater.  Just got to drill the holes and use some of the black flex seal stuff to seal them in to make the bulbs water tight, since the front of the node will be inside the pond and underwater.  The wiring will be hidden around the outer area of the pond and hidden because that section will be about 2-3' in the ground where the lights will be located.

Anything is possible, just got to allow your imagination to run wild with ideas and then once you've set your mind on what you want, do it.


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There are many of us who use pixels and dumb RGB for landscape lighting so that would be similar. If you use dumb RGB and a CMB24D the controller can hold a sequence and act as a stand alone, no computer or director needed. All you do is program it to start when powered and then put it on a timer.

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