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Summer seems like plenty of time to Halloween 2019. Good time for less urgent questions. When hovering over a cell in an existing sequence, the pop-up gives helpful information about what's happening in that cell.  For traditional lights and smart pixels, the info includes Intensity levels as a percentage. For dumb RGB pixels, the values for R, G and B appear. No Intensity percentage. Is there a way to determine the intensity setting for a particular cell or group of cells?  

I use LOR for garden railroad lighting which involves a variety of types of led's very close together so intensity balance  becomes important. At this point, as I experiment, I record intensity levels for dumb pixels in an open field in the Sequence Information.  

I'm guessing there's a better way.

The garden railroad town of Pinecrest, California just completed work on a new airport runway featuring inset strip lighting, 60 led/meter. Try to imagine it  .....  for now.


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Setting individual RGB levels for a pixel is not currently possible in S5. It has been indicated that it will return in the next update. Cross your fingers. I also need it  to get my sequences updated otherwise I will have to go back to S4 soon.

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Thanks, Phil.

Actually, sequencing the dumb RGB pixels isn't my problem. The lights do exactly as sequenced.

My question has to do with dumb RGB strips, bars and nodes that have already been set to an intensity level, let's say 50%. If I then decide that the pixels are too bright, I go back to the sequence to lower the intensity but there's no quick way to check the current intensity level, like with hovering over the cells in question, which is what works with traditional and smart pixels.  


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