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Hi all! Any help would be fantastic! 

I do a big Halloween display, and a portion of it is a light show. I currently run 4 LOR controllers. Looking to upgrade to around 6 or 7 for this coming Halloween. 

Anyways, I currently use a laptop to run the show. I have an MP4 file attached to the sequence, so when the lights are going, it is synchronized to music as well as a video. 

I would like to get a ShowTime director, but they’re all advertised as MP3. Is there an option to control video as well? Or do they make a director that has that ability? 

Follow up question. If not, is it possible to attach TWO video files to the sequence? Looking to expand the video part of the show with two or more projectors, but I don’t know if the LOR software has that capability. 

I hope that makes sense. Any help would be awesome! 

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I would think that if the Show Time director indeed does not play MP4 files (maybe someone else can share if it does or not), that you could use Audacity to convert to MP3. That is what I do with other file types and it seems to work just fine; I also use Audacity to set similar volume levels for all my audio files too.

I can't answer the video question...

Hope this helps!

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Director is out as stated but you could still run the laptop and use S5. If you convert the MP4 file into WMV, S5 will use that and yes, I think it would work.

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