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Adding new props to older sequence


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I created a new preview for my display. I went to last years song . I clicked add new view and clicked all my items under preview props. When I open the song it plays but I am unable to edit the song. For the new items I added this year it looks like a chain link fence . Everything is correct on my preview . Thanks for help. I am using RGB smart lights if that matters

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I was also unsure how well a new preview would match up with old programming, so I went with the import route. All my existing stuff is there and editable.

The Visualizer has to exactly match the S4 sequence though, and there may be a LOT of labels which need tidying up after the import. I went back and forth many times between S4 and S5 before I got it right.

I have 60 odd sequences, and there  was no way I was starting over.

Maybe someone else can chime in with more info but that's what I did.

As I said in your other post, S4 files will play fine in the S5 show player. 


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You may be running into a problem I had a year ago that had me stumped for a long time, when I went to V5.V5 does things different. It took Matt logging into my system to figure it out. In some cases,  the items are being added to the new view with NO motion effect rows Then you see what looks like a chain link fence or cross hatched row. The way to fix it for me, was to right click on the items name and choose "add/modify motion effect row" effect rows. Then add the number of rows you want.



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Thanks , I guess I should of mentioned I used s5 last year. Thanks everyone I addied motion effect row and Then I was able to modify the song. What does the chainlink fence symbol mean?   I was able to add motion row under it and it played but I am  unable to delete the chainlink fence part. I guess its okay to leave that in there. thanks again. 

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