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Does the warning "has an invalid master prop" cause any issue?


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the back story.  Just light strands, not pixels and converted from S4 to S5.   I had done work in Visualizer to create an image of my yard.   One thing i did was to create multiple 'props' for lights that were on the same circuit.   For example, i have 4 windows that were on the same circuit, so i created 4 objects, and assigned them all to the same unit and channel.  After conversion to S5, the image looks good and it seems to animate correctly.   But in the channel grid it shows on of them, the first which is fine.   But in the preview warnings tab, for every prop i created this way, i get this error, "has an invalid master prop".   I don't see any way to assign a master prop to get rid of the error.   

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Okay,so an answer to my own question.  It does cause a problem during playback.  It doesn't show the duplicates only the first one that shows in the grid shows up.   But I worked it out, i had to select "Same Channel as" and then select the one that considers the 'master' prop.   It may not be the first in the list alphabetically.

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