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i have a LOR Pro License with CCR 4... i have pixels on my roof, windows, a few coro mini trees and 4 ccr arches.  i would like to import all for arches into SS and program them together, same with the rook line and windows, but i can only add one at a time into SS.  i have the props grouped togther (ex: all arch props in the arch group).  is my SS license not high enough to do all four arches together?  they are 25 pixels each, the coro trees are 99 pixels each, the longest roof line run is 100 pixels.

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I also prefer to sequence everything together in SuperStar - hence the reason that I have a 12,000 channel SuperStar license...

Your four CCR SuperStar license is good for four CCRs or 200 pixels or 600 channels.  Add up all your channels and upgrade SuperStar as needed to be able to cover that many channels.  It’s total channel count that matters.  So if you are sequencing single channel lights or strings, they count one channel; or if you have RGBW pixels, they count four channels per pixel (not the usual three channels for RGB pixels).  

Mid you try to execute a “Insert SuperStar Effects” for a group and there are more channels than your SuperStar license allows, it will tell you immediately.


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