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Hi guys, hoping to find an answer. Maybe I am missing something. I have been able to make some pretty cool effects for my mega tree that consist of 3 and 4 layers. I have researched but cant find if there is a way to save this as a favorite in the effects menu.

I can save 2 of the 4 but is there a way to save all 4 layers as 1 effect? So I dont have to continue to place all 4 effects in the sequence every time I want to use that particular effect.Example.jpg.51f928c3c6cfc0653ad83aed4a56764d.jpg

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know, you can only save 1 effect (can be a combo of effects) to the Motion Effects at a time. Not the 4 lines like you want. However there is nothing from stopping you from saving mutliple effects (ie effect 1, effect 2, effect 3, etc) and have them available to use so you dont have to recreate them each time.

In the Gif below I created a Sub Directory in the Motion Effects called Mega Tree, you could create effect 1, save it as shown, then create effect 2 save it, etc... until you have the 4 effects you want. When you want to place them in the sequence, open that directory and chose those effects one at a time, then place them in your sequence. At least you wouldn't have to recreate them each time.

I do this, except I save my multiple effects in a directory that is named after the song. Either way would work.

Hope this helps.




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Alan, thanks for your explanation and the visual. That is exactly the way I am doing the effects now. I was just being lazy and hoping to be able to insert the effect all at once.

Maybe in future releases this might be an option. Again thanks for your help!!!

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