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PixieCON? No. PixCON or PixIE


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You'll notice that we like to be 'exact' when talking about certain things.  For example, if you are talking about LOR controllers on an LOR network, and you call that 'Ethernet' you are probably going to be corrected:  While we use the same kinds of cables and network jacks, LOR networks are NOT Ethernet, they are RS485.  Those two things work very differently and are not compatible with each other.  

We also need you to understand that there is no such LOR Controller as a PixieCON.  What you have is either a PIXIE or a PIXCON, and those 2 families of controllers are VERY different.

PIXIE controllers come in 2,4,8 and 16 port configurations.  They are strictly to be used on LOR networks (with the exception of the Pixie2 which can be used as a DMX controller - but that's still RS485).  

The PixCON controller comes in 16 ports only.  It can be used on Ethernet as well as on an LOR network.

Pixie and Pixcon are configured VERY DIFFERENTLY from each other.

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