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Is there any way to make the Stus Log go directly to a .txt file?


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Is there any way to make the Status Log output when shows are running and when they end go directly into a .txt file without having to copy and paste them?  Sometimes when I run multiple shows, the Status Log will on occasion clear the previous data.    So was wondering there is any way to have this output to a .txt file when shows are in operation?

------ Below is mainly for the Light-O-Rama Folks that create the Software/Hardware ------

If not,  LOR would you please consider adding an option that would allow us to have a running .txt file log along with the Status Log, it would help make troubleshooting easier to know if everything was running correctly by viewing the entire log, as it is, when it clears we may miss something that did not run while we were out or overnight.  As I don't think any of us here just sit and watch the Status Log every night when our shows are running.  

And it should have the option to append to the previous status log when it reaches whatever boundaries are set for it to clear or have it create a new log with the date and day it ran on, for those that run shows that may go from say: Sunday evening 02-23-2019 at 6:30pm to Monday 02-24-2019 morning at 12:30am.   Then if something didn't work, we'd know where to look, like a sequence didn't play or something else happened.  Like the power went out and show restarted an hour or two later, when power was restored, computer somehow rebooted and show had to start up again at another time.  Just know if my computer reboots for some oddball reason, the Status Log that ran BEFORE the reboot was cleared and a new one started.  So if we had a running log.txt file, we'd know if our show had been interrupted and restarted again.

As it is, something could happen and if the Status Log clears, we may be thinking everything is fine, but then find, some of our sequences aren't playing.   

So I think it would be very helpful and beneficial to be able to have a running Status Log output to a text file option.  

Is there a reason for not having this option?

Copy and paste will work, but if you have to sit and watch the Status Log to catch everything and copy it, that would be very tedious if you have several shows that run 24/7 during the the Holidays {Halloween or Christmas} that one may run a show for a month {October/Halloween} or about 2 months {starting Thanksgiving Night thru January/Christmas}.  So having a running log, again, I would think would be very helpful.

Thank you LOR for possibly taking this into consideration.

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Thank you, sometimes I come up with good ideas.😯:D

Was looking at my Status Log the other night and as I was watching it, another show started and *poof*, it cleared out.  And that's what brought me to bringing this option up to be added to the Status Log window.


Although I wish I had caught that blunder in the topic heading where Stus should've been Status! 

But too late to edit it now.  *sigh*

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And I think this option would be a tremendous help when running our tests on our shows before we take it live to everyone too.  Would definitely help to find possible issues with a sequence that isn't operating properly {music file not found or sequence not found issues}. 

Just know sometimes I may remove a sequence from the directory, but may forget to remove it from the show itself, so at a glance I could see if this were a file I meant to remove or if I have one that's missing in action or not finding the media file required to make it work.

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correct a couple spelling issues. Having a mild form of Dyslexia is such fun.
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