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Are you asking about a "build it yourself" RGB sign or looking for something pre-made, turn on, set up, use its remote or computer to program it and run?

I know there are some places that sell commercial style signs like this, but you may have to custom order the size you need, as some also build them.  But they are very costly.    Will more than likely be cheaper for you to use something like the LOR Bullet Node Pixels and Controller to create your own.  As most of the RGB signage I've looked at is extremely expensive.  Usually in the $3,000 upwards range, and that for their smallest one!

I never saved the urls so can't direct you to their sites, but if you do a search for "RGB Custom Signs", it'll probably lead you to many of the sites I've checked out in the past couple of years or so.  Prices are probably a lot higher now, then again, they could be a little less.  Hard to say where the pricing for these pre-built signs may be at now.  All really depends on what you want.

But most folks just build a matrix with RGB pixels and create their own unique sign{s}.


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Easiest would be to make it yourself.

My Tune To sign is the smallest I have. 8 or 9 x 24. My others are 8’x4’ and I’m planning a 16x8 for 2019. I have all Materials just gotta sit down with it.

Takes a day to Make everything once I make the frames.

I believe Bscoyo still offers custom sized matrix panels.

Then buy your pixel nodes and controller and proper license.

Ask me if you need more help.



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You may want to look into a P10 based matrix  That's what I did for 2018.  The upper panel below is 4 panels wide by 3 panels high (128 pixels wide by 48 pixels high - 6,144 pixels).  That's just over 4 feet wide by just under 20 inches high.  Total cost of about $250 - NOT including enclosure.  BTW, the bottom on is a P5 panel, and despite being half the number of panels, is twice as many pixels.


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Jim where did you buy yours and what type of enclosure did you build. Jim can you give me more information  on both sites and details  thank you Blair  

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The P10 panels I got from Ray Wu, and the P5 panels from Crockett Fantasy of Lights http://cfolights.com/  I was using RaspBerry Pi 3B single board computers running Falcon Player version 2.4 in bridge mode driving a ColorLight card which in turn drove the panels.  The FPP installations were driven by LOR S5.

As for an enclosure, I ran out of time during setup and did not build enclosures for either the P5 or the P10.  The P10 panel was hung under the eves so that it was protected from the weather.  Despite a lot of rain, the panels survived quite well-  Shown here:



The intent (and what I plan for 2019) is to build an enclosure, but I have not finalized the design yet.  These annotated photos show where the panel ended up and what the plan will be for 2019:





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