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How to add Motion Effect Row?


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The last few days I have downloaded S5 and trying to make it work.  How do I add a "motion effect row" to a sequence that I imported from an S4 sequence?  I also imported the preview from an S4 visualizer.  I'm stumped.


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Motion Effects
Shift-A prompts for a new effect and inserts that effect into the selected area.

To add a motion effect row to a prop, right-click on the prop name in the sequence grid,
then select Add/Modify Motion Effect Row from the pop-up menu.

In the Motion Row dialog, click the Add Row button, then click OK.

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Found it! I wasn't showing all items in the prop names.  I was just showing one track.  Now the Add/Modify Motion Effect Row shows up! Thanks for your help.

Learning new software at 65 years old is frustrating, but fulfilling once I learn it.

Thanks again!

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