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Sorry if this repeats already reported problem. Here's the best I can do to reconstruct events:

  • New season - revise preview from last year
  • Open last years sequence and assign new preview
  • Data lines for all props look good
  • Preview does not show some props
  • Save and close sequence
  • Reopen sequence and all is well.

This was only a problem for those minutes until I tried closing and reopening the sequence.


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In the next release, the logic that gets applied when a new preview is assigned to a sequence has been improved. Hopefully this will address your issue.

If not, please post details when using version 5.2.4 or later.



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Matt any idea when the new version might be released?  This was similar to my  issue last year when I attempted to convert to S5 but I could not recover even when I closed and reopened. The change over would have required a ton of rework.   Little apprehensive to try the conversion again, thanks.


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