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Motion Packs Required or Optional Add on?


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I am considering buying a couple {or at  least one to start with} of the LOR Singing Trees and I see mention of Motion Packs, but also see you need to also purchase the base RTG or YCM sequence{s} to go with the motion pack{s}.

Do you really need or require the motion pack{s} and base sequence{s} to make these singing trees work?  Or can you just sequence them in the S4 SE as you would any other singing type prop?

Just trying to make sure I know exactly what I'm getting into here, and what I'll need to make these trees sing, when I can get them and what all I'll need to make them function as well as cost factors involved in doing so.

Thank You.



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You can sequence them yourself.  MotionPaks make it easy to add them to our pre-made sequences, however you can roll your own.

The Singing faces basically emulate 8 channel controllers:  

1 - Outline

2 - Special Feature (like Bow, Star, etc)

3 - Eyes Closed

4 - Eyes Open

5 - Mouth Closed

6 - Mouth Half Open

7 - Mouth Full Open

8 - Mouth 'Oh'

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Thank you DevMike.  I thought that may be the answer, but better to ask and know, then find out after the fact you might have needed something that was required.

Thanks again!

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