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Prop Changed in S5 now a Issue in Motion Effects.

Dennis Cherry

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I have 10 Coro Stars that for several years as dumb DMX controllers, each Star had a three channel controller and all chained together that made 30 channels.  The controllers started to fail and decided to convert them to Pixels.

Installed 5 pixels per Star and reconfigured the Stars to pixels with 5 pixels per Star.  This worked out great and the Stars look good in the preview window.

Now my problem is if looking at it in the Motion window, instead of 10 Stars I get 50  Stars in groups of 10 in different places in the Motion Window. I would like to have 10 Stars with a pixel in each point or each Star with 5 pixels configured as one  unit, not 5 pixels working independent.

Do I have to delete theses Stars as they where originally used as DMX,  and make new ones as pixels. If so what prop should be used.


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1) copy your 2018 preview to a 2019 version


2) In the 2019 preview, leave your 2018 dumb rgb stars, and add the pixel stars

3) Open each 2018 sequence, 

3a) use Sequence > Assign Different Preview to change the preview to the 2019 version. 

3b) Use File > Save As to save the sequence with "2019" in the name.

3c) Select the entire row (R shortcut key is good for this) containing the sequencing for the dumb rgb star, then select the entire row for the new pixel star and then paste.

3d) Save and close the sequence

4) Once you have converted all of your sequences, you can delete the dumb rgb stars from the 2019 preview.


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Matt: I did that in the 2018 display.

After converting the stars and tried to use the Motion Effects, the preview Motions window looks like 5 strings of 10 stars randomly placed in the motion view window.

The Display Preview Window is not affected by this.


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This is what I came up with. there are 10 stars, 9 of the stars are copies of star1 and stars 2 - 10 use star1 as the master prop. This create 10 copies of the star that all show the same sequence effects as star1. Is this what you are looking for. I can post the .lpeprop if you want to look at it. Keep in mind by setting up your 10 stars this way you are limited as to how you can sequence, but you must have a reason.

Sample of the stars in action.




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That looks closer to what I want.

Yes, send me the file. want to see the difference.

I know that limits my opinions, but these use to be dumb RGB but the controllers are bad, so it was easy and cheaper to convert them to pixels.  Right now they work as pixels but would like to have them work as 5 pixels in unison, just like having 5 dumb RGB LED's in each star.  Having them work individually you cannot see the effects as the pixels are inside the stars and the blending  of the colors is hard to see.



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