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serial adapter not working

Jerry Kohlenstein

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I have completed my first 16pc kit, loaded software, connected sc485 adapter and cable, power up controler, led flashing. When I try to config the port I get a messege that it can not locate LOR port. I have only one serial port on my cpu and it says com 1 is enabled.

Any ideas?

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What cable are you using between the controller and the SC485? The SC485 is powered from the first controller. IF using the SC485 should be no more than 100 feet between the two. I also believe that this should be the Cat5 cable at this point. Between controllers you can use phone wire, but I do not believe you can between the adapter and the first controller if using the SC485.

There are no drivers to be installed if using the SC485. The SC485 is plugged directly into the serial port on your computer? If your using a USB to serial adapter to connect the SC485, not all are known to work with LOR.

Please share more of the exact hardware your using up to the first controller. IT will help us to better lend a hand.

Also, I just picked up on the fact that this is a kit. Is this your ONLY controller? There is also the chance is NOT the adapter and cable, but something not correct on the board if this is a kit. In that case, check and recheck your solder joints for missing solder or bridges solder points.


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Problem solved. Had my nepuew bring over another serial device and it also did not work - serial port not sending signal ?. Installed a a new pci serial port card, reconnected adapter/cables fired up hit auto configure found port, set unit id, all channels worked first time - cool. I have built box with 16 incondesant piolet lights, it is much easier to see the difference between twinkle and shimmer with lights than with the LOR animater.

One controler done, four more to go.

Thanks for your help,

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