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Another great season

Mr. P

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Well another great season has come to an end with no major complications. I had a few hiccups but nothing major to delay the show except for a ton of rain this year.

Lots of new visitors this year who mentioned they saw it on the news channel. No matter how much I try to avoid the news it seems they ran something anyway and my visitor count went up about 50% this year.

Time to start planning for next year and come up with some new ideas and spend lots more money. 😁

I hope everyone had a great season with very little issues.

For all the new lighters out there, now is the time to start getting next years show planned and ready. Start sequencing new songs now and improving the ones you had this year. I promise you it gets much easier but on the flip side it gets a lot more expensive. 😁

Happy New Year all.

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Glad you had a successful lighting season. Always a good feeling when starting out the new year. 

I also had a good experience this Christmas season with everything working perfectly and no issues whatsoever for the first time. I don't plan on tearing down until next weekend, so even if I experience a little glitch at this point, I'll still consider this year to be the most successful ever.

My biggest fear was that one or more of the new 60 SPT1 extension cords I made (about 950 total feet) would fail, but no problems at all.  I also feared that I'd experience the GFCI breaker trips that happened last year during a light rain, but thanks to everyone's advice last year I was able to avoid that issue this year.

I also had several of my coworkers stop by from out of town to watch the show with their families, and one of them lives about 60 miles away but was excited about the videos I posted, so she and her family actually made an effort to drive down to see the show in person.  To cut down on excess traffic, I don't use a "Tune To" sign, and I've only told some neighbors which radio frequency I'm transmitting on, so it was nice to have my out of town coworkers check out the show.

Thinking of adding 1 or 2 candy cane spinners next year, and maybe a mega tree.  If I don't add a mega tree, I might add a Marty fan instead.  I'll probably buy another CTB16PC controller or two during the LOR spring sale, and possibly a pair of ELLs.  After I get a new computer I'll finally try sequencing a song from scratch for the very first time. 

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