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Has anyone managed to create some fab motion effects in S5?


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Has anyone managed to create some fab motion effects in S5? I've experimented with blending effects but have not come up with anything super yet. If anyone has any good combinations of motion effects could they share these with me. Thanks 🙂

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Firstly, Welcome to the Fourms.

The simple answer to this question is, Yes I've seen a lot of videos posted here that show some very interesting and impressive effects.

As far as sharing effects that would look good on your setup, that is very dependent on how many lights, what type of lights (smart RGB, dumb RGB), type of controllers, and their arrangement (prop configuration) you have. Also are you using Superstar with Motion Effects? Keep in mind S5 really shines when you have a lot of smart pixels.

What might look good on my setup may not look good on yours.

Without this information, I don't think you are going to get much help. IMHO a better approach to your question would be to post a copy of your preview file and ask what people could do with it. To do this create an Animation file (no music) with your whole house preview. Make sure it includes all of your lights. Keep in mind people are busy and it may take awhile to get an answer. People could then create effects and post back their results and you could see how they created them.

In the meantime, here are some threads that contain useful information for creating effects both in Pixel Editor, S5 Motion Effects, and Superstar. There are many examples of sequencing techniques here on the forums, these are just threads I created to help others.

Prop Design and Groups

One very powerful feature of S5 is the ability to add different Groups to a prop. Each group can have it's own set of motion effects. Prop design for S5 is more important, than it ever was in S4. Depending how you setup groups, they will react differently with motion effects. In the thread below is an example of what I am explaining. I could have created this Diamond Prop using just 16 pixels staring points (one for each diamond), instead I created 64 pixel starting points, which changes dramatically the way motion effects display on this prop, thus increasing the number of motion effects I can apply to this prop.

Another thought on prop design, experiment in prop design before you even build your props, see if you can add additional starting points and how they might react using motion effects and different groups. Be bold in your prop design. IMHO Mega Trees and Matrix's have a place in shows, but when you right down to it, they are linear props, meaning the light movements will be predictable. I tend to create props that are challenging to sequence and create, thus creating a more powerful wow factor. In the thread below is another example of a prop that is not linear and produces some eye popping effects.

Pictures and Movie Effects (animated gifs)

Starting with S4, LOR included the ability to add animated gifs and movies to a prop or a set of props (again using groups) There is an unlimited supply of animated gifs, experiment with these and find what type works best for you. If you can't an animated gif that you like, make your own that way you can preserve and control the color scheme of your sequence.



If you have Superstar, these effects can also be used with Motion Effect by adding another Motion Effect to a prop that already has a motion effect. The two effect will blend quite nicely.

Multiple Motion Effects on the same prop

This is also a very powerful way to alter the standard Motion Effects. By adding additional Motion Effect Rows to a prop, you can blend multiple motion effects on the same prop at the same time.

Just some food for thought.



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