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CF50D failure rate

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Is anyone seeing a dramatic uptick in the failure rate of their CF50Ds?  Had one fail last night and it took down everything that was on that part of the network.  LOR Support explained there may be issues with the communications chips because that is not supposed to happen.  They were also excellent at expediting a replacement.  Anyone having similar issues?

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Communication chip is kinda drastic.

Just checking, but their weatherproof connectors leak. Replace the cat5 cable from the bad flood to the next controller, omitting that flood, connecting to what was in front of the flood. Just to be sure. 

I had 2 fail at the same time. After troubleshooting, it was the connectors. Full of water and had started rusting. I now silicon the tops where the cable enters AND TURN OFF SPRINKLERS. One had to be sent in for board repairs. No problems since then. 

And agreed, LOR was fast at taking care of my situation. 

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