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16CCR Sequence into Matrix


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Any suggestions on how to convert a 16CCR Tree Sequence into a Matrix 24x50 pixel (total 1,200 nodes)


Thank you

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There is no rotation, i wish there was but there isn’t. However here is a cheat for you.

You will need version 5 of the lighting suite. Create both the tree and the matrix props. I assume you have the sup file for the tree. I the sequencer “insert superstar effect” on the tree. This will open superstar where you simply open the sup file and then immediately quite superstar. The suerstar sequence will now be done for the tree.

Here is how the cheat happens...

Now select the matrix and right click to insert a motion effect. Select movie and navigate to the files associated to your sequence. You will find a video in that folder with a cryptic file name - pick that. It’s basically the playback file created by superstar for sequencer. 



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That's a pretty slick little tip, I had never thought of doing that. Works good.



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