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Sequence gets stuck till next song?


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S5 V5.2.2 Pro

G3-MP3 Director V5.38

Running two Networks.  AC Lights on one network (not enhanced) 56K.  Pixels on other network 500K.

Some times (at least once a night)  it seems that one of the Networks gets stuck on a song (lights are frozen) the other network seems to be fine.  Music is still playing.  Stays this way till the next song.  All the lights go off and then it plays the next song fine.  Next cycle that particular song will play fine.

Have caught it happening on either networks.

Sounds like something going on with the Show Director? 

I have also had Both networks down and the music (Radio is playing a really loud buzzing).  The only way I found to clear this is to either power cycle or pop the SD card and then plug it back in.  Few seconds later all is playing fine.

This is only the Second year i have been using this G3-MP3.  I did upgrade the firmware this year.

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