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Cannot read blob from intensity file


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Ignoring the file directory & file names, <placed in <  >,  anyone know what this error means?

Error with Sequence [Cannot read blob from intensity file <file name is here>blob length 150 at offset 40759212;read 84 bytes <then rest of file directory stuff> 

Never saw this one before

Guess I'll try rebuilding the Intensity file. It is merged with another one as I have 2 props using SS for this particular sequence. Other sequences using these props work fine


Hope its not my disk. Shows wouldn't start tonight so for heck of it looked at show name. There was a +6 after the .LSS so LOR couldn't find it I guess. Interesting, I ran Verifier as I have another issue trying to cope with, some background lights go off on occasion or start late. Already verified, manually and with verifier, that the background channels are not in any other sequences

Happy Lighting !!



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Rebuilt LID files, remerged and then added to sequence, works fine now

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