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Ok. I got a question on pixels and their sequencing. In some of the sequences that i had purchased from LOR, it states that it has 32 pixels sequenced into the song as well. I have a set of the CCC-II but I’m told these won’t work for those pixels. Is what they have for the Pixie 8 or 16 controllers that they sell 

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Perhaps those in those sequences are or Dumb Pixels - where the entire string is treated as i it were one Pixel --- the Pixie2/4/8/16s are for the Cosmic Color Bulbs, Bullets, Flat Pixels where each one is independently addressable.

I suspect there would be a way to either treat the dumb pixel programming as one bulb on a string and then duplicate it so the whole string responded to that sequencing - or to set up the string of pixels as all one dumb string - but i am not 100% sure o that.

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Your question is concerning two separate answers.


You can copy paste any pixel effect from any RGB channels and it will/ should appear as it is written all things equal.

If you have smart RGB’s and copy paste dumb RGB sequences in then you will get the same Effects as copied.

However the same is not true with copying from smart to dumb.

since I don’t have dumb pixels I’m not sure what happens if you copy smart pixel sequences into dumb strip sequences.

The pixie series are smart pixel controllers. They have 3 wires instead of 4.

You cannot correctly connect dumb rgbs to  pixie controller. (I had to say properly because as soon as I said can’t someone would come in and say “yes I can”)

2- smart pixels and strips differ from dumb by the wires 3 vs 4 and by the effects you can generate. 

Smart- any color any bulb

Dumb- works just as your regular led lights

All on strings is same color



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