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DMX ribbon tree loses color when LOR sequence is added


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Here's an interesting one, and it piggybacks off of my previous issues:

When I open/play/save my .lms file from Holiday Sequences (to my 16 ribbon tree), it plays fine.

If I add controllers as was recommended by k6ccc, my 32 LOR channels (running standard LED lights) work as they should.

However when I add those controllers, it makes my ribbon tree discolored. It's not power or the cat5 cable, or the color sequence on the ribbons. If I do not add the LOR controllers, the ribbon tree displays as it should. The photo below is for the Greatest Showman sequence, when the lion should be orange/yellow. All the sequences have blue-grey coloring.



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Are you saying that color shift occurs when you physically plug in the LOR controllers or when you add the LOR controllers to the sequence?


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If I run the sequence with this setup, the LOR boxes work but the pixel strips are off in color.

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Off hand, my educated guess is that a copy & paste operation ended up off one channel up or two channels down. 


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