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I use many motion effect favorites in my S5 (v.5.2.2). I have just had a very strange happening.

I use sub-directories in my motion effects favorites in order to maintain some semblance of order. The sub-directories are based on major props such as my signs, Mega Tree, Wreaths, etc. Just now, I lost one of my sub-directory listings. It has completely disappeared. The "Mega Tree" sub-directory, which holds all of the specialized motion effects for that prop has completely disappeared from the listing. HELP!!!!! Without that listing, I can't access, directly, any of those motion effects from the "Favorite Effects" listing. I have tried exiting the program and then starting back up. It didn't help.

Here is some additional information: 1. The "Mega Tree" sub-directory and all of it's motion effects show up in the "Light-O-Rama > Common Date > LOR Favorites.xml" file, so at least the favorites have not been lost. 2. The current "Mega Tree" effects show up in the motion effects window.

The problem is that I can't access the listing from the favorites listing in the motion effects generator and therefore can't modify or add any effects to the Mega Tree.

Any ideas?

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