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So what do you guys think of this. I sequenced this whole song tonight and when I was finished I don't really know if I should use it. It's Auld Lang Syne, but Kenny G's version with America's history in 4 minutes. I think it's a very powerful song, but at the same time I think it may be a little much for Christmas.

What do you guys think?

You can find it here...


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I hadn't heard that version ... but I've been sorting through my CDs looking for Auld Lang Syne for my own use ... lots of variety and interpretations to be sure - I have the Mannheim Steamroller, Drifters, Guy Lombardo, and Barenaked Ladies options in hand - and I think there were others which I had already discarded.

After listening to all several times I decided on the Barenaked Ladies because it's very traditional, mostly true to the original poem of 200+ years ago, the vocal strong and clear, without a lot of additional stuff to distract from the simple idea of "the good old days".

While the kennyg version is quite powerful, I thought all the historical add-ons overshadowed the genuine simplicity and heartfelt warmth of the original.

You'll have to decide how it fits with your display and the overall theme / program. I thought the sequencing was great (even with my channel configuration overlaid).

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Thanks Rick...there are some really kind words in there.

The sequencing was done so that it is simple and the real focus is on the song, not the lights. I really like the sequencing which is making it difficult to decide.

I also have the Barenaked Ladies version of the song and love it, but I thought sequencing would be a little difficult. I also like their God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Hanukkah Blessing songs. They are very interesting arrangements and I think would be fun.

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